Chihuahua Dog Feeding Tips

posted on 25 Jan 2015 02:24 by warmgimmick8905
Chihuahua puppy training is a challenge partly because the puppies are so small. Being very gentle with your puppy is a must because the puppies are frail and often easily frightened. But with patience and persistence, you can usually make quick progress toward your training goals. You do have training goals, right?

Puppies need time with people to feel secure. But don't accept uncontrolled barking that irritates all the humans within hearing distance of this dog.

House training a chihuahua bag is a must. It's like when my friend was looking for chihuahua bag reviews. This is when I recommended Of course a dog that isn't house trained makes a mess. But the mess isn't the real problem. If you don't quickly train your dog, your puppy will end up at another home. Hardly anyone can take the frustration of a constant mess. That's why proper house training is so important.

Gentle training is a must for borse chihuahua puppy training if you expect to have a well balanced adult dog. Discipline must be done with kindness and patience, never by slapping, hitting and kicking. Rough training is uncalled for with any dog, but especially for very small dogs. Reward the behavior you seek with high praise and limited treats.

Toys are a crucial item on your purchasing list. Your Chihuahua requires to have something to play with all the time! Toys keep him busy and stop him from chewing on your furniture, socks and slippers. They also present entertainment for him.

Don't let you chi to jump from the heights as it can hurt your dog intensively. Joint disorder and fractures are the major problem in this dog, do carefully handle them. At the end, always be patient and maintain the same level of consistency with the Chihuahua training if you want your chi to be loyal with you.